How to make a DANGEROUS record!

Track list:
01 Spam Me Up, Scotty a.k.a Enjoy A Pro-longed, Rock-hard Erection And Develop The Ability To Control The Climate
02 Fag Agenda a.k.a. From Fred Phelps With Love
03 The Biggest Asshole Listen
04 Dead Mans Sauerkraut Listen
05 Men At A Park
06 Birth, Sports Illustrated, Death a.k.a. Hanging From The Toe Of Death Listen
07 Standards
08 Space Command
09 Company Bad Man
10 Finger On A Button a.k.a. ...That And A Pair Of Testicles
11 Eggs And Toast And Stars Implode a.k.a. Lets Have Tea
12 The Shaved Beast (Minimum Weight Is A Gateway Drug) a.k.a. Cliff Burton Will Have His Revenge On Sweden
13 Like A Moth To A Flame
14 Bad Days Mounting
15 Dance Of The Headless Cheese Man a.k.a. Interest... Flickers
16 A Cult Of Comfortable Everyone a.k.a. S.A.V.A.G.E. Animal


We finally started recording our fifth full length album, tentatively titled Vol.4, today! Yay! It's been three and a half fucking years since our last studio session, which resulted in our previous record.
So what took us so long you might wonder? Ok, long story. When we were done touring on our 2006 paperweight When The Shit Hits The Man, we started pretty much writing new songs at once, in the spring of 2007. The new material was well under way when our drummer Jussi started feeling pains in his groin area, and went to the doctor to see what it was all about. Turns out it was his penis. His penis had to be operated on. Seriously. We had a weiner-related emergency. But fear not for his penis, his penis is fine now. Anyway, because of this he wasn't able to sit, much less play drums for the next three months. The band went on hold, then when Jussi and his penis got better his other band made a record and toured. By the time we got back to practice we had to pretty much learn the "new" songs again from old, pre-penile disaster era demos. There were a bunch of shows that summer we didn't wanna say no to, for example we drove through Germany to the Czech Republic to play an embarrassing, hungover set at a huge hardcore festival. Well, at least the German shows were mostly good.
We eventually all got back to Finland after some of us stayed in Central Europe traveling, and managed to practice and write new songs sporadically at best, from all the hassle with jobs, families and other bands. At some point we realized we actually almost had an albums worth of kickass songs, and started to think about going to record them before another tour period for Jussis other band. At which point our idiot bass player Lasse decided to move all his stuff into a storage unit(which is a fancy name for "the practice space"), go homeless and leave for a six week trip of the USA. He mumbled something about going to draw inspiration for his basslines, but we have reason to believe he just blew all his money on booze and strippers.



Day 1, Jan 22nd 2010
now we're looking at 16 songs that we're supposed to get the instruments recorded for in the next three days at the E-Studio in Helsinki, with Pentti Dassum recording us. He used to be a member of the band so we're definitely in good hands. We've got some fast as shit stuff, some midtempo straight-up punk rock songs, and a few more experimental things that sound unlike anything we've done before. Dont worry, were not getting all artsy, it still rocks! It's probably gonna turn out pretty awesome. Today we got our basic sound together and even laid down 8-9 songs as a test, all live. I don't think we got a keeper yet though. But I think we're on a good track now, and tomorrows gonna be a busy one. I'm so getting drunk on Sunday.


Day 2, Jan 23rd 2010
We decided not to keep any of the takes from the previous day, and started from scratch. With the sound checked the day before we could just get to work, and it was mostly a pretty fast process. By the time our singer Vellu showed up to check our progress we had like two songs left. So 16 songs in one day, of course with multiple takes of each. It's safe to say that we were pretty wrecked afterwards. Jussi nodded off sitting on the listening room chair, and decided it was time to go home. I think Mikko did some extra guitar work before the rest of us left. You could say we had a pretty productive day.


Day 3, Jan 24th 2010
This day was all about guitar overdubs. Pentti, Mikko and I got to the studio in the morning, Vellu came by a while later. We set up the guitar amps, a Marshall stack and a Vox combo, in the big room, and Mikko started recording. After six or so songs Pentti noticed that the levels on the other amp, the Vox, kept going up and down for no reason, and when we looked into it we noticed the amp was burning hot on the top. These symptoms put together mean that the amp is about to blow a tube, so we had to switch it to another. Luckily there was a similar one around, and we didn't have to start over. Mikko worked pretty fast, usually nailing the overdubs on first take. Pentti had to leave for work in the evening, but before that he managed to play one ace solo that actually might end up on the record. We only have two guitar solos left for the second phase of the recording, which is going to be mostly vocals. Antti Malinen who recorded our previous album will be at the helm for that.

After that we just packed our gear, and drove to the practice space to get drunk and listen to the raw mixes. Sounded really good, at least in our inebriated state.


Day 4,5,6,7,8,9,10..... Mar 24th 2010
Then we started to record the vocals. It took the whole spring, actually the last session was in the end of June. Like always, Vellu didn't have all the lyrics ready, he lost his voice few times, got flu, got drunk etc. pretty typical shit. It was all done by Antti Malinen.
Good things about working with Antti:
-He knows Heavy Metal
-For vocals he uses the same microphone Slayer and Michael Jackson uses... used
-He's fast
-He doesn't smell
-His studio doesn't smell
-He doesn't snore (while recording)



Tapsa and Lasse showing just how essential finger pointing is when recording youth crew back-ups. Guess which one is in the band and which one in the next issue of "Hunks, not Suicide Girls!" We also had the pleasure of getting Toni Kettinen to sing backing vocals to one of the more melodic songs. Unfortunately the original Black Sabbath couldn't make it.



Mastering, July 22nd.
Master was done at Virtalähde by Jakko Viitalähde on a table he built himself. Almost 100% analog. Anal. OK. He's been working closely with Antti for some time now and we had total confidence on him.

From left to right: Some dude and some knobs, Main switch for Heavy Metal, Munchies while "working".


Some dark and cold autumn evening...evil came to shower.